Analysis Of The Book ' The Guantanamo Diary ' Essay

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First-hand accounts of torture are described in the book “The Guantánamo Diary”, and the 115 page report on the “Tipton Three”, which was turned in to the documentary drama “The Road to Guantánamo Bay.” (Branigan) These bring up harsh realities for the people who face judgment just because of who the United States is in war with at that time. Guantánamo Bay has been proven to be a harsh environment for detainees, do these new real life occurrences change the way people see the use of the facility? It is something that is very based on opinions and beliefs, but look at the facts, do people deserve to be treated like animals just because they are of a certain religion or race? We have come so far as a species and grown from our mistakes in history, we as humans are better than that. The stories that come out of the facility are frightening, disgusting, and bewildering. In some distant generation, they will look at what that happened there and be ashamed of the way their ancestors acted towards people, and how they just ignored basic human rights. Guantánamo Bay is a United States military prison in Cuba that began as a jury rigged experiment after September 11, 2001. The facility holds large numbers of known prisoners and some unknowns. Names of 558 detainees have been released, but the US Department of Defense has redacted hundreds of names. The list is not known official or accurate. Some detainees have been held for a decade, some are being held indefinitely without…

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