Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Mama drove her blue Valiant, rattle-trap car up the U-shaped driveway. There were roses in the arc, red, coral and pink. Roses, not tight-budded roses, but rather old fashioned, having loose and simple petals, resembling Dogwood flowers more than the orderly roses in my mother’s garden. At the top of the drive, stood my Grandparent’s cinderblock, two-story home, our vacation destination. Momma kept her car running, as I along with my two older brothers, Randy and Roger disembarked; suit cases and garbage bag incased pillows in our hands. With a kiss for each of us and hello/goodbye wave to Grandpa, Momma drove away. Our Grandmother always greeted us from her favorite chair, just to our left as we stepped into the cool home. Dumping our belongings at our feet, we stood in line – oldest to youngest. Randy, the oldest, would plop his long, lanky body onto Grandma’s lap, wrap his arms around her neck and kiss her powdery cheek with a loud wet “smack.” This was how it was done and soon Roger and I took our turns on her ample lap. Having paid proper tribute to the queen of the home, we were free, free to sleep late, eat junk, play hard and get dirty. Surfacing for meals was the only requirement expected of us…. we didn’t even have to wash-up first. Grandma knew a little dirt wouldn’t hurt us and we certainly found a multitude of circumstances in which to get dirty. We would gear up with butterfly nets, buckets for frogs and crawfish and long cane poles…

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