Analysis Of The Book ' The Diversity Of Life ' Essays

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Harvard professor Edward O. Wilson, in his nonfiction book, The Diversity Of Life, narrates Wilson’s life while elaborating on the topic of biodiversity. Scientists, Flockhart et al., in their scientific journal article, “Unravelling the annual cycle in a migratory animal: breeding-season habitat loss drives population declines of monarch butterflies,” hypothesize the causes of butterfly population loss. While Wilson’s purpose is to discuss science in a narrative manner to provide reading for pleasure, Flockhart et al.’s purpose is to discuss science in an informative manner to advance scientific research. Wilson adopts an admiring tone in order to encourage complete fascination with a plethora of scientific topics. Flockhart et al. uses a formal tone in order to appeal to professionals in scientific fields. It is important to understand that though these scientific pieces reach different audiences, they both use pathos, logos, and ethos to grasp the reader’s attention.
Wilson uses pathos to intrigue the reader, and to increase his likability. Wilson begins the chapter “Storm Over the Amazon” by recalling an evening in the Amazon Basin, “There in a perfect bowl of the night sky, untouched by life by any human source, a thunderstorm sends its premonitory signal and begins a slow journey to the observer, who thinks: the world is about to change” (Wilson 1992). Wilson describes this setting in order to appeal to the audience’s sense of adventure. Wilson uses the phrase…

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