Analysis Of The Book ' The Crucible ' Essay

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Fast forward nearly a year later, and Esther is face to face with death again. This time she is staring into the barrel of a pistol, still frightened, and shook up Esther opens her mouth, but to her surprise, no words came out. Seth lowers his weapon, as his men walk toward him. So I 'm guessing this is the runaway we 've been looking for huh boss? said one of Seth 's men. Yeah my friend, you are right. This is the Negro we have been dying to meet, replied Seth. The men burst out in laughter as they found Seth 's punch line very comical, after the laughter ceased, Seth instructed one of his men to fire off their weapon to give off the signal to his brother Daniel, that the slave had been caught. Daniel, and his men weren 't too far anyway when they heard the gunshot in the distance. Okay, so it shouldn 't be long fore my baby brother shows up, said Seth to his men. So until then how about we get this wild animal, and her cub chained, Seth paused for a moment, men, you know what to do, Seth instructed. Three of Seth 's men, begin to walk toward Esther, and her baby with chains to restrain her, Esther instinctively backed up. As the men moved toward her with each step, they took, she would take another step back. Esther knew she was caught but didn 't want to surrender, nor give up her, and her daughter 's potential run for freedom. Seth noticed Esther 's rejection to the restraints, and begin to talk her into giving up her plan of escape, and the consequences if she…

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