Analysis Of The Book ' Stasiland ' Essay

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Stasiland is the first book of the author Anna Funder. Funder won a prodigious nonfiction writing award for Stasiland. Funder, born in Australia, currently lives in New York. Previously, Anna Funder was an international lawyer. Anna also worked in Berlin for a German communication production service. Anna Funder amalgamated various sources to present a detailed account of the time period she calls “Stasiland.” Funder used personal accounts as sources. She gathered information from face-to-face interviews as well as phone calls, recounted in her book. Anna analyzed Stasi files and other documents. In addition to outside sources, Funder used her own experiences to further enhance her book. Funder recollects her own adventures traveling through Germany. Anna Funder minimizes bias because she presents multiple viewpoints about the time period; however, such multiple viewpoints from different people cause bias to be almost unavoidable because of the large opportunity for error. Funder collected information from people directly affected by the Stasi regime, Stasi men, and ordinary citizens. She may have some unavoidable bias because she tells the story first-person. The purpose of Stasiland is to inform readers about life in East Germany during the time of the Berlin Wall and about the impact the Berlin Wall caused. Funder eloquently presents this time period by combining different accounts from multiple people who lived during this era.
1 The narrator, Anna Funder, is…

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