Analysis Of The Book ' Racism A History Part 2 ' Essay

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So there were three sources for this weeks reading and viewing. All three had different thesis statements that tighter I believe cover a majority of cultural issues that we face today as a society. First we have the video that is titled “Racism a history part 2”, what this video introduces the humble beginnings of the abolitionist movement in and throughout history! Then this week we were also asked to read chapter one of “Landscape and Race in the united States”. The main argument of this chapter is the basic over view of the book itself that claims that the aspect of race is always in the landscape of the US to some degree. Finally we were asked to read the main introduction to the book “Racial Formation in the United States”. This introduction breaks up the main themes of the book into three sections that ask questions like how has the United States changed over the recent years with racism? But what this Introduction and book as a whole argues is that in today’s world we turn a blind eye to racism as a sort of ignorant bliss thinking that we have transcended to being a truly colorblind society.
So why are these sources of information important or noteworthy to your average American citizen? What the video does is that it shows us our past and how this entire topic of racism came to be as well as the impact of our ancestor’s actions on the peoples and cultures of the world. Evidence that is sighted are numerous historical events like the abolitionist efforts made by the…

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