Narrative Of The Life Of Fredrick Douglass

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Niema Poindexter
Professor Guevara
Pols 197
9 December 2014
Natives and African Americans The race relations with races within the United States are damage and needs to be repair. The damage was created the day they set foot on Jamestown. The whiteness was created by the greed for power, money, and domination; whiteness has belittled groups that we see as minorities. The minorities have very little power compare to the majority. Given that, the majority group was created from the whiteness from America. The two minority groups that have been struck down put is slowly rising against the odds are The Native Americans and Africans Americans. From being force to move away from homeland to being use for human labor. Minority groups within the
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The ways of this minority groups became from the white sumpracy, the whiteness of being the best race and the dominate group. With the slavery, the overcoming of it was that people of their north has uncover the whiteness for a second to see what they have done wrong. One of the key that help the justice between the whites and the blacks was book. Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglass. The book writing by Douglass was popular and helps open the eyes, that slavery was a moral sin. Fredrick Douglass wrote many books about slavery in hopes to open the eyes of reality on what inhumane. Even the president Abraham Lincoln has seen this the worst times in history, “proclamation freed slaves only in the confederacy…in 1865, abolition became law when the 13th amendment abolish slavery.”(Schaefer 149). The issue that the president has led the way for African Americans for a more comfortable living that they deserved. The thirteen amendment help it stop for go since it is under the constitution. The civil rights was the Africans to face for equality, fairness and social justices. Fighting against racism, segregation while slowly gaining political and economic growth. In the video, Martin Luther King’s dream of economic justice, one to the people in the discussion James Cone, said that the king was not only fighting for civil rights but for economic equality for everyone. “Under King’s leadership, civil disobedience become a widely used technique and even gain…acceptability among some prominent whites,” (Schaefer 1570. Kin use of civil disobediences to avoid violence is since it does lead to nowhere in the situation. When the white people seeing the Africans doing no harm yet they are getting harm against them created uproar with the nation. Years later after, Martin King death American has shape to what we see

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