Analysis Of The Book ' Peace Like A River ' By Leif Enger Essay examples

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Viewing the world in different ways can reveal radically different things about the same situation. Similarly, the way a book is written and narrated can present a biased or unbiased representation of a situation. Currently, a militia of ranchers are occupying a wildlife refuge in Oregon and there are two vastly different views of the situation. The conservative news organizations claim that they’re heroes, standing up for what is right and bringing attention to federal issues. However, liberal news organizations display a view of domestic terrorist activities and “lunatic fringe of extremists who have taken over” (ABC). They say that they’re ranchers who are just fighting the government who subsidizes them. In the fictional novel, Peace Like a River by Leif Enger, the young main character presents an incomplete view because his memory is not complete after many years between the events and the writing of the book. This view conveys one side of the story similar to the very different new stations, however, in this case only one view of the events exist since it 's a fictional story.
Through a deconstructionist way of thinking, it is possible to realize many deeper meanings within the book and why Leif Enger chose to write the book with the style that he did. The book is written through the eyes of Reuben Land at two different ages. The time that the events occurred and the time that the book was written. These two perspectives are intertwined in order to create an…

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