Analysis Of The Book ' Negroes ' Essay

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One of Aminata’s traits that ought to be called into question was her advanced literacy and ability to connect to people through irregular communication devices. As a fictional character, she could have been able to do whatever her creators pleased. If she had been alive at that time, it is safe to say no one would have let her obtain the authority to write the historical document, The Book of Negroes. Furthermore, when the abolitionists in London expressed they wanted to control the documentation and telling of her story to combat the slavery system, her destiny to be a great storyteller would no longer matter. At least behind the scenes, her apparent autobiography would have quickly become a biography constructed by people other than herself. How likely was it for a female slave to take on these literary feats? Slave owners did not usually want their slaves to be literate because it decreased their ability to exercise control by speaking on their behalf. Owning a book, pen, ink, or paper was not allowed for slaves; thus, slaves had to rely heavily on oral traditions to communicate.
It would have been extremely unlikely for Aminata to have regular access to writing materials, let alone contact with someone who would have wanted her to become educated as a slave. So then how did slaves communicate over long distances? In The Book of Negroes, Aminata used what is called the “fishnet,” which seemed to be a literal fishnet used by blacks to pass along and catch messages,…

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