Analysis Of The Book ' My Son ' Essay

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Chapters 1-9 - A collection of poems directed to an audience of ancient Israelite culture (“my son”). These poems are based on presenting to different lifestyles. These lifestyles are lead by wisdom and foolishness.
Chapters 10-29 - These chapters follow the themes of wisdom and foolishness, but not in a poetic form. These chapters include wise sayings, and some researchers believe that these chapters would have been taught in schools.
Chapters 30-31 - The last two chapters contain a mixture of sayings and poems, which cause confusion when attempting to characterize the chapters. There are some conversations about the Israelite wisdom tradition with the wisdom traditions of other cultures. What is the main purpose of the book of Proverbs?
The book of Proverbs provides a collection of material based on wisdom and foolishness. This book also establishes a wisdom orthodox, which is those who are wise succeed and those who are not wise fail. A similar format to orthodox of sin and blessings in the physical world. Define gematria.
An ancient Jewish practice in which numerical values are connected to the letters of the alphabet. Combinations of letters cause numerical values to become large with certain letters (twentieth letter = 200). Adding values lead to gematria values. For example, Solomon has a gematria value of 375. Define parallelism.
A literary structure in which two or three lines repeat the same form or content. In Proverbs, the parallelism is based on…

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