Analysis Of The Book ' My Mind Set On Freedom ' Essay examples

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The Book “My Mind Set on Freedom”, is written by John A. Salmond, an Australian History professor who teaches American History at La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia. He describes the Civil Rights Movement between 1954 and 1968 which consisted of racial segregation more prominent in South America. Mr. Salmond explains why the movement finally collapsed, in the concluding chapter, shows how the civil rights revolution transformed the American South. His book brings a new clarity to our understanding of this momentous struggle.
The first chapter “Gathering Storm” tells us about the start of the Civil Rights Movement. This chapter begins with talking about a young black veteran of World War II, Wilson A. Head who was traveling from Atlanta to Georgia in a bus. He sat where he wanted to, but this cost him abuse from his fellow white passengers and also the bus drivers, he was then taken by the local police who threatened him. Salmond says that once the bus had crossed the Potomac River, Head was relieved, “Despite this, he confessed to an enormous feeling of relief as the bus crossed the Potomac River,” (pg. 3). This sentence implies that most of the racial discrimination was prominent in the Southern States of America. Salmond also mentions that although Head’s journey was not covered in the news, protest against racism had started. “black men and women like Wilson Head decide no longer to submit to the demeaning restrictions segregation placed,” (pg.3). Protests had…

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