Analysis Of The Book ' Monster Culture ' By James Cohen Essay

729 Words Oct 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
Culture is the collection of human traits developed outside of societal norms while nature describes the traits humans are born with. In the seven theses essay “Monster Culture,” James Cohen explains the aspects of culture in society and the human condition by portraying them as monsters from different cultural eras and places. The monster is multidimensional, different, and constantly evolving (Cohen 5). Michael Pollan’s article, “Why Natural Doesn’t Exist Anymore” explains the impact of the terms “nature” and “natural” on our society, and questions if the laws of nature dictate our ethics. In the perspective of nature, the monster is the enemy. It is created from ideas and attitudes that did not previously exist, it arises from difference, and so it threatens the very concepts of what nature, tradition, and normal are. With this concept, is there a moral distinction between what is natural and what is not? Natural is the idea that nothing has been altered, that its first state has been preserved and exists at this moment. “Something in the human mind, or heart, seems to need a word of praise for all that humanity hasn’t contaminated, and for us that word now is ‘natural’” (Pollan). This concept can be applied from food, to immunity, to marriage. Pollan describes that in the context of what is moral, natural is used as a synonym for “normal” and “traditional.” However, unlike natural, normal and traditional change meanings over time. The normals and traditions of society…

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