Analysis Of The Book ' Maus ' Essay

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Maus is a story told from Arts father, Vladek, experience as a Polish Jew during the Holocaust. An amazing story from a survivor’s point of view, in the form of a comic depicting different nationalities as animals like Jewish as mice,
Polish as pigs, German as cat, American as dogs, etc. I think this is a great way to deescalate the hatred toward a certain group or nationality. Maus deliver people to view a story from more of a fairytale perspective separating the current feeling and attitude of those who know about the holocaust because the characters are not people but animals. An interesting fact about this book is that even though this book is about the Holocaust, it does not focus on the death or killing of jews or the hate of Nazi. My grandma is a survivor of Japanese attack during WW2. Her family ran away during the bombing and gas attack during an invasion of their village in China. When hundreds of people survived running away after the bombing those who breath in the gas all started getting sick and dying afterwards a horrific experience for them. One of the biggest emotions I have notice from my grandparents is the enmity of any Japanese because of an event that has happened years ago. This hatred usually distorts and vilify the enemy and can focus on or exaggerate the enemy evil doing. Maus focus on Vladek life by starting from before the war and his relationship with his family, wife, and friends. This add to a more empathic or easily connectable story without…

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