Analysis Of The Book ' Les Miserables ' Essay

1149 Words Mar 4th, 2016 null Page
When looking at the past or reading a fiction book, people ask the question, “How does it relate to our life today.” That’s a fantastic question and also there is a fantastic answer. For example this can be noticed in the book Les Miserables. Black lives matter movement came about after three women started twitting on social media regarding the shooting of Treyvon Martin. Then singer Beyoncé is only one of a few artist that have joined the black lives matter movement, to highlight black lives matter verses all lives matter. Police brutality has created an up roar within our communities with the injustice of blacks by white officers.
Police brutality and injustice is displayed in the book, Les Miserables. An example of inequality of justice was shown to Fantine. Fantine was a very poor person who didn’t mess with anyone; however, she found herself in a position where she was being harassed by a neighborhood gang. The police that were nearby noticed the incident that was taking place, yet watched and did nothing until they saw Fantine fight back. Amazingly the police stepped in and arrested Fantine instead of arresting the guys that were harassing her. “This class of women is consigned by our laws entirely to the discretion of the police.”(Hugo) These actions demonstrated how women were treated differently than men and how injustice was displayed by the police. A small group of people in Fantine’s neighborhood decided to revolt against the government, the…

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