Analysis Of The Book ' Kanye West ' Essays

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Kanye West once stated on stage "I felt compelled to do the 'watch the throne ' album because of drake". Now if we can relate that statement in a basketball standpoint. It would definitely be Lebron James feeling he needs to do something about a man name Steph Curry who is looking to take the throne of the NBA.

Coming off an impressive 67-15 record last year. The Golden State has surely not missed a beat. It 's officially been a full year of this team dominating the NBA. Who to blame for this team fantastic uprising? None other than last season 's MVP "Steph Curry." He carried his team all season and eventually helped them win the championship over Lebron James & the banged up Cleveland Cavaliers. To Lebron 's defence Kevin Love & Kyrie Iriving easily the second and third best players in that team was out with injuries. However we cannot overlook what Steph Curry has done last year and the first two month of this NBA season. Every NBA champions go through some kind of tough stretch. Last year after breaking his 3 point record for most 3 's in a season and winning the MVP. He went on and eliminated every players alongside with him on the All NBA First-team. Perhaps that was his toughest stretch despite making it look easy!

What he 's done this year already....... Is surreal. Enjoy fans! We will not see something like this in a very long time, maybe ever again. Steph Curry & his Golden State Warriors have started this season 22-0! Having won 26 straight game (counting…

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