Analysis Of The Book ' Jim Stynes ' My Journey ' Essays

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My book, “Jim Stynes, my journey”, written by Jim Stynes with Warwick Green examines Jim Stynes journey battling the struggles of cancer.

The main feature on the cover of this book is a photograph of Jim Stynes wearing a red and blue scarf, which is the colours of his beloved football club, the Melbourne Demons. These features that are shown resemble the different characteristics that Jim portrays. The fact that he is smiling and enjoying this moment shows his resilience through life, as he has been through many difficult times. The words “The National Bestseller” is a very important feature on the cover as this draws the reader in, because words such as these will always make the reader think that it is a great book worth picking up and reading.

The book is set throughout Jim’s life which panned from 1966 to 2012. Although it covers some aspects of Jim’s childhood, the main part of the book is set from 2008 when Jim was diagnosed with cancer, to 2012 when he passed away from the horrible illness. The book is set in Melbourne, which is where Jim moved at the age of 18 to play AFL, and Dublin, where Jim grew up. In the 1970’s many different events were happening throughout Ireland. A significant event was the conflicts between the people of Northern Ireland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. During the book it isn’t referenced much but one important factor that is mentioned is that in Ireland everyone wanted to know about your religion, and this was the basis of the…

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