Analysis Of The Book II Corinthians

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Register to read the introduction… Although he appears to be reconciled with the church, he gives a final warning to those who still question him and Christ’s Gospel.
Author: Paul the apostle
Intended Audience: The churches established in Galatia
The church in Galatia had been moving away from Paul’s teaching of salvation by grace and turning back towards the Old Testament Jewish traditions as a means of achieving salvation. The letter was written to condemn those who were teaching these false practices and again was defending himself against the attacks upon his authority as an apostle.
Author: Paul the apostle
Intended Audience: The churched in Ephesus and those churches in the province of Asia
A divide existed between The Jewish believers in the area and Gentile converts. Paul emphasized, in his letter to them, that God sent Christ to bridge the divide between Jews and Gentiles. His teaching was that all are one in Christ because of their shared faith.

Author: Paul the
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He does as much as possible to make sure that this church he has not visited is presented with the true Gospel of Jesus.
I Thessalonians
Writer: Paul the apostle
Intended Audience: The church in Thessalonica
Paul was forced out of Thessalonica and left them with only a minimal amount of Christian teachings. After receiving word that the Thessalonians remained faithful and were in need of further guidance, he wrote this letter as encouragement and to advise them on matters of Christian ethics and morality. He also sought to resolve any confusion regarding the resurrection and to let them know that his abrupt departure was not out of a lack of love for them.
II Thessalonians
Author: Paul the apostle
Intended Audience: The church in Thessalonica
The second letter to the Thessalonians was written to further address concerns of the Thessalonians regarding the second coming of Christ.
I Timothy
Author: Paul the apostle
Intended Audience: Timothy, now a minister in

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