Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' I Know You '

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Drew also states, “I know you, Max. As long as you two are married you know that Jada won’t step out with another man. You refuse to grant her that divorce because you’re in too deep.”

He looks down at the papers on his desk for a moment and then back up, “That’s correct. Our marriage will remain intact. I refuse to grant her a chance to lie under another man. Do you have any idea of what that shit would do to me?!”

Drew speaks up assuredly, “I know what you would what to do to that man.”

Maxwell blinks slowly and methodically says, “No, it wouldn’t bode well for my wife to find another. We are meant to be together in EVERY WAY. She’s mine and the only woman for me. I’ll damned if I let her go.” Jada and Micah were having lunch and catching up when he asked, “Jada, you seem preoccupied. What’s going on?”
She shrugged her shoulders, “Since losing the baby everything has been up and down I guess.”
Micah put his hand over hers and said, “I’m sorry. I can only imagine and I understand.”
Jada looked at him in surprise, “You understand?”
He nodded, “Yes, Sarah lost our first child at 4 months. She had been doing some housework that was a bit much. She slipped and fell down.”
Jada’s hand went to her chest, “Oh, Micah! I’m so sorry.”
He squeezed her hand and said, “Thank you. We made up for it though twofold.”
He was referring to their twins Leah and Lacey. Jada smiled with tears in her eyes.

“How did you and Sarah work through it?”
“I was there for her and…

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