Analysis Of The Book ' Holy Spirit ' Essay

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The idea to write this book was Holy Spirit inspired based on a speech given on December 23, 2012, at Greater Lighthouse Apostolic Church, Lafayette, IN, presiding, Pastor Steven Lee.
The title of my book is He Makes Me a Priority. The story behind the title is very interesting. It started almost ten years ago, when I allowed myself to end up in a backslidden position for more than twenty years. Although, in this backslidden position, God served never forgot His promise to never leave or forsaken me. His promise sealed with the blood of His only begotten son on a wooden cross some 2000 plus years ago. His promise has stood the test of time for all who believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. This promise was made to mankind, as well as God’s children. Let us fast-forward, after ten years of soul searching and strengthening my faith through hearing and studying the word of God it He Makes Me A Priority was summarized in a simple phrase during a conversation with Anna Jones. What led to the conversation you asked? Well Anna Jones’s close friend, John Smith was passing away from a terminal illness, and I was kept well informed throughout the ordeal. Their friend was given eight hours to live, I felt an overwhelming urge to go and see them. My grandchildren were in the car with me and we were actually going in opposite directions, when the words came to me, “Hearing is the last thing to go.” Moments later, my uncle called me and asked, “Did…

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