Analysis Of The Book ' Growing Up Ethnic ' And ' Rules Of Games '

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In the book “Growing Up Ethnic in America”, separation and differences between the mothers and children are focused. Since, American culture and another countries’ cultures are very different. There is difficulty in relationship between them. Therefore, we could specify about conflict that the writers want to tell us. Also, the writer’s way to write this texts are very strictly divided, American culture and parent culture even them personality and skills. However, it is interesting that immigrants’ lives are very much to my stereotype.
In text of Amy Tan, “Rules of Games, the Mother of main character who is from China said “We not concerning this girl, this girl not have concerning us”(30). it is a very difficult problems for immigration family. Second generation of immigrants often misunderstood their situation because American family relationships are more independent from each other. However, based on my experience, there are not a lot of differences in morale. Also children feel embarrassed about parent characteristic that related to their own culture. But when the children grow up, even before that time a lot of second generations of immigrations have strong respect and pride to their original culture. However, the child’s decision became independent from mother. That was too specified information and not enough information to understand about what happen to their life to long turn. Of course, imagination is very important to reading books. Even so, it is too…

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