Analysis Of The Book ' Glass Castle ' Essay

1181 Words Apr 12th, 2016 null Page
Have you ever wondered what is the most important factor in someone 's life? Why do people argue and fight all the time? In the memoir Glass Castle, it chronicles Jeanette’s unbelievable childhood where she suffered from poverty and how their parents, Rex and Rosemary were not very organized and dysfunctional parents, but Rex and Rosemary taught their kids about values and educated them when they had absolutely nothing, but sometimes lack the tendency to show their appreciation. The children had been independent and had to raise themselves, for the most part, because their parents were too careless minding their own business. Despite the many instances that the parents failed to protect their children, they still loved them because they know that it has been a hard time for them to manage their lifestyles. Rex is an alcoholic who abuses the financial need of their family while Rosemary focuses on art instead of providing love for their children. They sometimes get into arguments and fights, but in the end, it strengthens their bond closer to one another. It also addresses many issues that they encountered every day and how they overcame the situation and moved on. We are able to see how the Walls family encountered situations and bonding with each other. Although families are not perfect at times, it tends to lead to appreciating what they have learned and parenting skills they have learned during the process. Additionally, it creates a stronger bond with those people.…

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