Analysis Of The Book ' Fresh Hell ' By Laura Miller Essay

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A perfect society was an idea to create a glimpse of what a perfect world really is. The

search for what a perfect world is leads to more chaos than a perfect society. It’s more chaos than

perfect because it removes all conflict and only gives humanity one choice, to learn and educate

themselves or decline in growing as a whole. In addition to, no utopia can ever give satisfaction to

everyone which leads to chaos. These books portray a perfect world in one’s head, but in fact

show more of a problem that one face’s on not being perfect. Laura Miller, author of Fresh Hell,

explains the problems of what a young adult dystopia is. She explained examples of different type

of novels such as utopias and dystopias show different characteristics of each different dystopia.

Within many of these novels, the authors show issues that are relevant to a real-world society

today. Beta by Rachel Cohn takes the main character, Elysia, into a perfect world and what living

in “perfect world” really is. Beta is a young dystopian novel that warns readers about perfection

and shows the ways of trying to achieve physical perfection through plastic surgery; to make

people feel better about themselves.

In many societies there are issues that occur no matter how “perfect” they try to run it.

Living in a totalitarian society a person has to follow the rules given because it’s run by a

dictatorship. In the novel Beta, perfection is a very important theme throughout the…

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