Analysis Of The Book ' Escape From Camp 14 ' Essay

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The biography “Escape from Camp 14” explains the life of Shin Dogn-hyuk. Shin was born into the North Korean Concentration Camp, Camp 14. Shin spent much of his life in the camp, raised to be an animal, and fighting for his own survival. The biography written by Blaine Harden depicts the cruelty and unfathomable events that make up Shins’ young life. As graphic as the novel is, it is still a New York Times Bestseller. “A gripping story, unsparingly told” is how Bill Keller from the New York Times explained the book. Several different aspects of the book captivate the readers and gain their attention. The reader is introduced to the history of North Korea, the lives of the local North Korean people and the journey Shin takes after leaving the camp. For many readers this novel is first they are ever hearing of North Korean Concentration Camps, or any evil doings by North Korea. Within the first few chapters’ readers quickly realize they are on quite a journey. The Today Show states the book “reads like a pulse-pounding thriller. This book will make you cheer. It will also make you cry.” By page two of “Escape from Camp 14” harsh contrast of social classes in North Korea is revealed to the readers. “Shin [was] born a slave and raised behind a high-voltage barbed-wire fence” it states. Harden, to show contrast, explains that for the Kim Jong Eun, the prince of North Korea “everything [was] possible” and for Shin “nothing was possible”(2). This comparison shows the difference…

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