Analysis Of The Book ' Equus Magazine ' Essay

785 Words Apr 24th, 2016 4 Pages
Equus Magazine is a largely popular magazine that has to appeal to horse owners in order to sell their product. What better way to appeal to their specific audience than have a majestic horse right on the cover of their magazine? There really isn’t a better way, and when you add in some article titles that really draw in the attention as well, you are left with a captivated audience that just wants to read on. That is the hard part with many visual arguments today. To grab the attention of the audience and keep the attention takes a lot in this high speed world. When you see a visual argument that strikes you with a powerful emotion, captures your attention and holds it, and makes you think more critically, then you have a successful visual argument. Any kind of visual you see in todays is trying to make you think a certain way about something. It is in the details and the way it is presented that capture us. Most images have cold colors, big text, a commanding script or they just entail something much bigger than us, and this is what makes us want to know more. When looking at the title page of a magazine most companies know that the audience probably won’t pay attention to them unless there is something about the design of the image that captures them in that moment. For this image that capturing substance is the colors, placement, and size of the things in the photo. When first looking at this photo it is certain that most eyes are drawn to the color of the horse…

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