Analysis Of The Book ' Beyond The Veil ' Essay

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Major Book Review
Beyond The Veil
Fatima Mernissi
Syed Rizvi Fatima Mernissi’s book “Beyond The Veil” talks about how women are treated in Islam, political circle and the Arab culture. Like everything it has two sides, some people argue Islam empowered women in ancient Arab, where women were deprived of their rights. And, the other side argues, that women are mistreated in Islam, and have a lower status than men. In her book, Fatima Mernissi depicts both side of the story. She mostly focuses Morocco, and in the light of Moroccan culture, she describes the both sides i.e. how woman’s status is elevated and how they are deprived of their rights. In her book Mernissi shows her knowledge on study of sex roles, sexuality and sexual inequality in Islam. The most essential device to comprehend when looking at the position of women in Islam is that there is an alteration between principle and exercise. According to the Traditionalists, Islam does not clarify that women are subordinate; they are quite right on that. Islam does certainly “affirm the potential equality between the sexes.”
Other religions and cultures, be it eastern culture, such as Hindu religion, or the Western world, women are seen as inferior. There has even been a lot of exertion exhausted in the challenge to express that they are biologically inferior. Islam, however, does not start from such a principle. On the other hand, Islam distinguishes that women are powerful and sexual beings. Thus the real social…

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