Analysis Of The Book ' Between The World And Me ' Essay

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In the book “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehasi Coates, he presents a unique take on racism in America. However, there are several flaws with his writing. One of these inconsistent themes that Coates includes in his narrative are his people who are not black “those who believe they are white.” Another being his heavy focus on the race of his friend Prince Jones while ignoring the race of the officer who killed him, deeming it unimportant discuss in any detail. And also his filtered view of human suffering only in regards to the black race in America. These are some things that he addressed in ways in which he could have presented both sides of the issues he discusses, but chooses to ignore them. Starting with the first point of Coates talking about “people who believe they are white.”
Coates mentions several times throughout his narrative the idea of “people who believe they are white.” That itself is not the problem though. The issue at hand is that while Coates discusses “people who believe they are white,” he does not address the side of people who think they are black or any other race for that matter. He references “black people” several times throughout the book, but in regards to those who are not he simply refers to them as “people who think they are white.” Why is it only for “white” people that he does this? Because this is the only side he has ever seen. And while he has taken plenty of time to argue his one sided version of this, he ignores other aspects at…

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