Analysis Of The Book ' August ' By Bruno Schultz Essay

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Bruno Schultz short stories “August”, “Visitation”, and “Birds” from The Streets of Crocodiles, is a series of progression of chronological events beginning in the summer season and ending in the winter season. In the first story of “August” the narrator reminisces about his childhood as a boy and the home that he grew up in located in market square. As the storyline progresses in “August” we begin to see the dark, dull, and an old feeling of the narrator’s hometown that will eventually begin to affect his own family. By the time fall arrives, the narrator has now moved to the story “Visitation” and the experience of darkness described in “August” is now slowly starting to personally affect him and his family’s lives. In “Visitation” the narrator 's father Jacob becomes ill and begins his journey to insanity. The severity of his illness will remove him from his business and will eventually have him permanently restricted to his home. Finally in the last story “Birds,” winter approaches and the same feeling of numb indifference or darkness is portrayed in the life of the narrator boy. The narrator’s father 's has officially reached the maximum point of insanity and is declared living the rest of his life stuck inside his childhood dream and memories. In Bruno Schultz book, The Streets of Crocodiles the reoccurring theme of experimentation is revealed. In the series of The Streets of Crocodiles the word “experiment” is used to reference all of the creative activities the…

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