Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Arabian Nights '

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Arabian Nights is a tale that comes from the Muslim Society about how a woman used her storytelling abilities to change the fate of hundreds of women. The King had killed hundreds of women after only being married to them for one night. The grand vizier was the one who had the job of finding the king a new woman everyday and killing the woman from the previous night. After watching the tragedy of the king’s new idea of marriage the daughters of the vizier decided to change his way of thinking and begged their father to allow the eldest sister to be his next wife (Johnston). The focus of this analysis will be on the logic behind the king’s actions, the role of Scheherazade who became his next wife, and giving credit to the unnoticed, deserving Dinarzade. Schahriar had a wife whom he deeply loved. After many years of devoting his life to her, he found she had deceived him. Out of rage King Schahriar killed his wife and swore not to fall in love again (Johnston). It is easy to understand why he would swear off love and marriage after he had been deeply hurt, but to continue wanting other women in his life was surprising. He came up with the idea to marry a new woman every night and have them killed the next morning. The horrific idea had women fearing for their lives as well as men fearing for the lives of their wives, daughters, and sisters. Even though Schahriar had given up on love, he did not give up on using women to get some action. The same with any typical man he had…

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