Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' America ' By Tony Hoagland

812 Words Apr 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Contemporary writing is one of my favorite styles of writing as it is an approach that forces the reader to think critically about a topic as it questions everything about our culture, values, and various forms of art. One contemporary piece that especially intrigued me while studying this period was “America” written by Tony Hoagland due to the simple yet powerful questions that it raises about American life. It is an interesting commentary on how American society has begun to put money ahead of everything yet this lifestyle does not yield happiness and in fact has incarcerated us within a materialistic culture. It initially begins as what appears to be a punk-rock type teenager with a tongue ring complaining to his teacher about how America is a maximum security prison and just as the teacher starts to think “how full of shit” the student is he begins to think critically about the idea of America acting as a prison in relation to his own experience. I feel like this happens in not only my life quite often but everybody’s as we often will judge a book by its cover or a person by their appearance before we actually think about the ideas that they hold. In my life I have judged people by their appearance and been judged just like the teacher and the student but the fact that the teacher eventually sees past the students appearance makes me hopeful of the future. The teacher begins to see the truth within the teen’s words when he remembers a dream he had of his father…

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