Analysis Of The Bachelor And Bachelor In Paradise

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Reality TV is a world full of crazy emotions and feelings. One prominent feeling that is intensified in reality TV is love. Many people in the real world are in search of love. The reality TV world takes this thought into account when making their shows. Why not give normal people a chance at love on reality TV? Although “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” take place in separate parts of the world and involve different types of people and elimination set ups, both are tv shows designed to help contestants fall in love.
The contestants of “The Bachelor” change from year to year. Each season a new male is picked from the previous season of “The Bachelorette” to be the new bachelor of the season. He is usually the only returning person, everyone else is always a group of
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Each week, whichever gender has more at the resort is in charge of the rose ceremony and they are the ones that get to hand out the roses. For example, if there are more women, each is in charge of handing out one rose. If the girls go one week, the boys will be in charge the next. Just like “The Bachelor,” the contestants go on dates. However, they are generally only individual dates, and no rose is given out on these dates. The only way to get sent home or receive a rose is at the ceremony. If a person on this show also isn’t finding a connection with anyone they are allowed to go home, in hopes of finding love somewhere else.
Overall, “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” have some differences including the places of travel, the people involved, and how the whole process works. Although, in breaking down the shows, people are able to see that both are about the process of finding love, and putting people into positions to have a chance to find love. The major theme of each show is the same and this similarity points to the fact that while they are different, they do have a lot in

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