Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' Walk On By ' Brent Staples '

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Walk on By

In the article “Walk on By” by Brent Staples, he gives several personal examples of how people react to him on the streets simply because he is black. The black male body instills fear in people in public spaces due to what the media influence, music and movies portray. Many people refer to black folks as being aggressive, rude and disrespectful. The fear that some people have of black men is convenient pretense for abuse of everything from racial privilege to police power. People are still ignorant and guilty of generalizations. There are several reasons why people are afraid of black people. One of the reasons why the black male body instills fear is because of the way social media refer to them. The media often portray African American youths, especially back men and boys as criminals, crime victims and predators. You can be the most educated and honest person but, there is going to be that person who judge you for your appearance. People will not treat you right if you walk down the street with inappropriate clothes, they may confuse you with a rapist or something. Cause of all these things that media portray many women often fear when seeing a black male on the street. In the passage it state “… Brooklyn where I live, I often fear see women who fear the worst from me. They seem to have set their faces on…” paragraph 6 (page 3). In other words what this evidence…

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