Essay Analysis Of The Article ' This Is Why America Is Obese '

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Yoni Heisler published an article, “This Is Why America Is Obese”, and explains how food can seriously affect the human body; the message being unhealthy trends can be seen throughout young kids. Throughout this paper, he discusses the consequences such as heart disease and heart attacks that can occur as a side effect of obesity. In addition, he claims that these habits begin at a young age, and kids are the “trend setters” of creating this unhealthy norm. To support this prerogative, the author then provides examples of lunches around the world and compares them to the United States in the sense of the U.S’s choice on what is healthy for children. Although Heisler believes to have the basics down on America’s overweight crisis, his logic is not sustained, therefore his claims are questionable.
Mr. Heisler states in the first half of his article that a good amount of life- risking health problems are directly related to being overweight. In addition, Heisler claims “America is in the midst of a health crisis when it comes to both obesity and heart disease, two serious conditions which often go hand in hand”, and to be more informative, he includes a link to the National Center for Health Statistics. Disappointingly, the author fails to support his claim because the National Center for Health Statistics tells the readers the number of casualties that heart diseases have caused rather than the reason why people develop heart disease. Given that the link just states the…

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