Analysis Of The Article ' The Pen And The Picket ' By Penni Mitchell

1229 Words Mar 21st, 2016 null Page
The media has been a source of disseminating powerful and important information and values for a long time. In the article ‘The Pen and the Picket’ by Penni Mitchell, she talks about the goals and features of the feminist media from over 100 years ago to present. The whole point of the feminist media is to serve as a safe haven for women to “communicate with one another through pages, magazines, essays, and pamphlets to build support for their cause” (Mitchell 57). The idea of feminist media has not changed much from 100 years ago because feminist media today is still used for the same cause in serving as a communication ground where issues surrounding women are being addressed. This essay focuses on the way society views transgendered women and how and why they are not fully accepted as women. For example, transgendered women being seen and accepted as women in the society is a topic being covered in bitchmedia. The feminist media has evolved and trans women are getting more accepted, but there is still a long way to go. Through the analysis of feminist media and the views of transgendered women, it is shown that transgendered women are not fully viewed as women in the society because of residual male privilege, appearance and how society defines true women identities. In the bitchmedia article, Leela Ginelle critiques the popular American journalist and feminist activist Elinor Burkett’s article in the New York Times, titled “What Makes a Woman?”…

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