Analysis Of The Article ' The ' Of Manhood ' By Michael Thompson

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Boyhood to Manhood. “Passage to Manhood” is an article from the author Michael Thompson. The article was published on the website Boston Globe in the year 2005. Michael Thompson is a consultant, child psychologist, and author. The article “Passage to Manhood” is about Michael Thompson’s experience he had when he was traveling on a plane. The article explains a seventeen-year Old’s thoughts and ideas on manhood. Michael Thompson then explains what different society’s does do and does not do to transform a young man from boyhood to manhood. In this essay I will analysis two points from the article “Passage to Manhood” from the author Michael Thompson., I then will give explains of my ideas on the two points. The two points I chose is the best possible ones to explain and give examples on from the article.
For the first point I will explain the quote Michael Thompson wrote in the article. “American culture has no universal ritual for helping boys move from boyhood to manhood” In the article Michael Thompson writes that boys from the religion Judaism have bar mitzvahs for their 13 year olds. The Mormon religion has yearlong missionary work to other countries and finally some boy’s just join the military from of their country. Michael Thompson wrote that every boy wants to leave boyhood and become a man. He then explains that he feels that American society fails at transforming their children from boyhood to manhood in a challenging, meaningful, path. I agree with everything…

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