Analysis Of The Article ' The Norton ' Essay

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In the text, “The Norton Introduction to Literature 12th Edition” by Kelly J. Mays, you will find a poem written by Linda Pastan on page 838 titled “Marks”. This poem’s poetry genre is Dramatic. It is considered a Dramatic poem because it gives off a tone of the narrator explaining a situation rather than writing or telling a story. In this poem, Linda Pastan used metaphors as her literary device. The whole poem is one big metaphor because her family is using a grading system to rate her as a wife as well as a mother. In “Marks”, Linda Pastan starts out the poem by explaining what her husband thinks about her and ending the poem about what her children think of her. She starts off the poem stating that her husband gives her an A for her cooking skills, an incomplete for ironing and a B+ for her skills in bed. Here she is explaining how her family uses a grading system to grade her as a housewife. She then proceeds and talks about her children. Her son explains that she is an average mother but she can definitely improve on her skills. Her daughter on the other hand, believes in pass and failing grades and tells her mother that she is passing. The last sentence of the poem takes a dark turn and Linda Pastan states, “Wait ‘til they learn I’m dropping out.” There are so many ways to interpret that last sentence. Is she going to commit suicide? Is she leaving and getting a divorce? What does she mean by “dropping out”? There are so many ways to interpret that. According to the…

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