Analysis Of The Article ' The British Empire ' By David Cody Essay example

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Thomas Bentley comes to Burma, India, eager this will be the first job that actually sticks. Being a British Imperial officer is not for everyone, but the promise of a favorable paycheck is enough for Bentley to give it a shot. Back at home, Imperialism is portrayed as a beneficial improvement to the Empire, and Thomas has always yearned to be a part of something bigger than himself. Within the first week on the job, life is comprehensively different. He is the oppressor. Tom has to enforce strict laws on the Burmese people, demanding the Burmese to effectively alter their culture. Bentley sees the way he is looked at: he is feared. Thomas dawns to question whether this is the right place for him or not. Although this story is fictitious, British Imperialism has a substantial impact on people’s lives. In the article “The British Empire” by David Cody, Cody states “The growth of the British Empire was due in large part to the ongoing competition for resources and markets which existed over a period of centuries between England and her Continental rivals, Spain, France, and Holland. During the reign of Elizabeth I, England set up trading companies in Turkey, Russia, and the East Indies, explored the coast of North America, and established colonies there” (1). Not only does imperialism affect the British Empire, but all who are involved in the process. One of those directly affected is George Orwell. George Woodcock, author of the article “George Orwell”, states that George…

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