Analysis Of The Article ' Stop Babysitting College Students '

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1) The essay “Stop Babysitting College Students”, written by From Harrop, is one that presents a great amount of valid arguments that support binge drinking in colleges. Unfortunately, Harrop’s arguments contain many logical fallacies, and thus, do not connect logically from idea to idea. Harrop uses the “false analogy” fallacy, the “bandwagon appeal”, and the “straw man” appeal in her essay, and these are three examples of logical fallacies. By using these three fallacies in her essay, Harrop decreases her reliability as well as her credibility.
One example of a logical fallacy used by Harrop is the false analogy fallacy. When persuading her audience to support her position on binge drinking, she writes: “Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt saved Western civilization without ever missing a cocktail hour” (Harrop, 8-9). This is a crystal-clear example of false analogy. The author of Dialogues mentiones that false analogy occurs when “ideas being compared do not logically connect or are pressed beyond legitimacy” (Goshgarian, 52). In her piece of writing, Harrop compares college drinking to the drinking styles of two presidents. Comparing these two events is logically incorrect, because both presidential adults and college students are completely different from one another. College students cannot be equated to presidents in their responsibilities, since both are responsible in different areas and different degrees. Their drinking and enjoyment habits cannot be…

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