Analysis Of The Article ' Right Place, Wrong Face ' Essay

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Mr. White a “victim” of racism emphasizes in his article “Right place, Wrong face” by stating “Everything I learned growing up in Cincinnati has been shattered” because of how dehumanized people became now a days. Likewise, Mr. Paulo Freire states “Only power that springs from the weakness of the oppressed will be sufficiently strong to free both” to clarify, what he refers to as “oppressed” he means the “victim” the one who gets discriminated, for he is the only one that holds his own peace. These both men contribute and speak for one purpose and that purpose implies “EQUALITY” no more racism or people excluded for being different or appearing. They wish for people who experienced this as well as Mr. White, for them to stand up for themselves and for the ones who choose to consider themselves as the “oppressor” the ones who discriminate or bosses someone around, for them to get a book and read so they acknowledge something good. Mr. White with the help of Mr. Paulo strive to persuade people who fear to speak up for themselves because of the inequalities we suffer in this world. Mr. White speaks his experience with racism how men judge each other for their color or religion, by explaining the injustice he lived outside his home. Mr. White provides his acquaintance with the purpose of demonstrating how it can happen to anyone and for people to understand that this world lacks on knowledge. He explains in detail the scenario how everything occurred, how he found…

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