Analysis Of The Article ' Rethinking Life And Death ' Essay

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The article that Peter Singer writes brings up some major ethical concerns. He has some interesting points of view he wants to share with the world which he does in his book Rethinking Life and Death. In this, we learn what he thinks a human being is and a person as well as their differences. There is also a lot of implications of his work that we should address. All of this will be discussed as well as my opinion on what he is talking about. Singer starts out by defining what a person is. He says a person can be defined as “a being with certain characteristics such as rationality and self-awareness (Rethinking Life and Death, 1994, pp. 180).” After he says this he goes on to give examples. He begins to tell us a story about a person who is very smart can speak in sign language. After he describes her to us, he reveals that she is actually a great ape. He qualifies her as a person because she is self-aware of her existences and has some rationality when it comes to making choices. Singer goes on to list other animals that he would include as persons: whales, dolphins, monkeys, pigs, and dogs just to name a few. One big idea for Singer is the idea that in order to be a person, one can feel pain and suffer in a variety of ways. He feels very strongly about animal testing. He does not think we should be doing this. He wrestles with this idea of how to treat animals and people like you and me. He says “Why should we lock chimpanzees in laboratory cages and infect them with…

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