Analysis Of The Article ' On Punishment And Teen Killers ' Essay

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Several juvenile defenders will argue that not all minors have a reason to commit a crime. They can argue that in Jenkins 's article, "On Punishment and Teen Killers," she mentions that a teenager murdered her pregnant sister and her husband for the "thrill to kill," as Jenkins describes it (Jenkins 91). They will argue that adults dont murder for the "thrill to kill," and that some juveniles do it without targeting anyone specifically. They might not have a reason to why they committed a crime, but they murder because they have the available resources. However, some adults are actually capable of murdering in large amounts with no reason. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the bomber from the Boston Marathon of 2013, is the example to show that adults can kill when they have the available resources. In the article "Why Did Dzhokhar Bomb Boston?," Erick Brown explains that the reason that drove him to commit this murder is still unknown. The research he found suggests Dzhokhar 's current motives for the crime are still theory (Brown pars. 1-8). He made the same decision that a child would. He did not have a proper motive to kill multiple people, but he did it anyway with the bombs that were available. Now, he faces life in prison for committing a crime that he chose to be in. The teenager that killed Jenkin 's sister and husband should also be tried as an adult because he chose to murder a whole family. Others may argue that some teenagers do not have proper understanding of their actions…

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