Analysis Of The Article ' Feds Ease Access For Pill For Abortion ' On Usa Today

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On Thursday March 31, 2016 Alan Gomez wrote an article entitled “FEDS Ease Access to Pill For Abortion” on USA Today. During the article Gomez mentions that the FDA has issued new guidelines on a previously used abortion pill. In the article, it states that the FDA has lowered the dosage and raised the number of days that the pill is to be taken. Gomez writes, “The new rules allow women to use the medication called mifepristone, for 70 days after the start of their last menstrual cycle, up from 49 days under the previous guidelines.” He goes on to say, “The agency also lowered the dosage from 600 milligrams to 200 milligrams and made it easier for women to get a prescription.” By changing these guidelines the pill is supposed to be much safer for women who want to take these pills to terminate their pregnancy’s. The real question is, is this ethical? Abortion have been continually debated in America for several decades. The first major case for abortion was Roe versus Wade. It was in this case in 1973 that the United States Supreme Court deemed abortion as a fundamental right under the United States Constitution. It was not until recent years that abortion has been brought back into the spot light again. This time Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides a variety of reproductive health services, has been under fire. Due to its alleged “horrific” abortion practices, people have been demanding that planned parenthood be defunded by the government. Contrary to many…

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