African Americans Influence On Major League Baseball

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How have African Americans helped shape the Major League Baseball organization?
There have been many players in the Negro Leagues, who could have been assets to the Major Leagues. Until 1947 there had been segregation, known as the “Color Barrier”. Many do not understand how the impact this had on the players. The rule was actually unwritten but was always used. A large percent of the players wanted to feel equal, some of the men in the Negro Leagues who came over to the Major Leagues faced diversity and were singled out and degraded by other players and fans. African Americans have helped shape the game of baseball, because they overcame the barrier, changed the views of integration in sports , and proved that no matter your race we all have
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This was the first sport that allowed African Americans to play freely with the Americans (Hines). This was a breakthrough because they now could be just as famous as the people in the majors. It was almost as if there was a chain reaction, once one team decided they would recruit an African American player, other teams decide they would too. Once most teams had African Americans on them, they began to treat them more appropriately (Hines). Occasionally when an African American broke a white man’s record in the major league some of the racist people would make disturbing and hateful comments, but others would cheer for them, and show their support and love for the game no matter who holds the records. There are also many African Americans who have been chosen to be in the holy grail of baseball, the Hall of Fame …show more content…
They send money to provide for some of the children who may not be able to play. Others go to the places and help teach the kids mechanics, and how to do things the right way. There are stories about how these players in the major league have impacted many of the children 's lives by giving them the chance, they otherwise would not be given. They major league players have also helped with paying for parents to go to the little league world series when they cannot afford to take the once in a lifetime trip to go and watch their kid play (Donations). Many of the major league players want to give back to their community and their baseball teams, and park. Sometimes they choose to go help lead a renovation if the ball park needs some fixing up. Since all of these things are being put in to action more players are attracted to baseball, no matter their

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