Analysis Of The Article ' Coming Of Age ' And ' The Ground We Walked '

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Racism is embedded into essentially every American institution and is nurtured by people who have racist predispositions. Ta-Nehisi Coates in Between the World and Me, writes “the ground we walked was trip-wired. The air we breathed was toxic. The water stunted our growth. We could not get out” (Coates, p. 28). His book, published in 2015, implies that racism, even today, is everywhere in American society. This is true in many major institutions, from education to law enforcement and religious groups to judicial courts. Anne Moody in her book Coming of Age in Mississippi strikes right to the heart of the problem when she writes, “the federal government was directly or indirectly responsible for most of the segregation, discrimination, and poverty in the South.” For white people to remain dominant, they make things inaccesible for black people, which is made possible by hijacking and controlling these major branches through the government. As the federal government is the supreme power in the States, anything that flows out of it is tainted with this institutionalized racism. By way of scapegoating, the social dynamic and prejudice, white people are susceptible to racism. This unbridled racism combined with federal power allows for a racist American society to thrive.
The United States came to be in a wave of deceit, disease and, pillaging of the natives and their land. It was no different once black people entered the picture as slaves. Malcolm X writes about how the Devil…

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