Analysis Of Thank You Ma ' Am By Langston Hughes Essay

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What would you do if a stranger came up from behind you in the middle of the night and tried to steal your purse or your wallet? Would you call the police on them or would you help them by understand stealing is wrong, doing this by showing sympathy and kindness? Hughes is a renowned writer from the early 1900’s. He wrote mainly about the hardships of African Americans and their upbringings. One of his best sellers is a short story titled “Thank You Ma’am”. In “Thank You Ma’am”, a story full of imagery and metaphors, Langston Hughes uses his personal familiarities to help establish the scenery, depicting the struggles of a widowed woman in a big city.
Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri, into an African American family. Hughes grew up more so in Lawrence, Kansas and Cleveland, where he published a poem and fiction in his high school newspaper. After a long 12 months in Mexico (where his dad lived) he entered Columbia University in 1921, but removed himself in 1922 (Rampersad Web). In 1923, on the night before the young writers voyage on the ‘S.S Malone’ to Africa, Paris, and Italy, he fulfilled a ritual act of pitching his books into the sea. Hughes recalls the books were too much of his past, and that he was looking more towards the future (Hurst Web). In the next few years, while his poetry appeared in articles, he worked at odd jobs, this containing, Paris night club, dish washer, and mess-man on a ship. In 1926 he entered Lincoln University,…

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