Essay on Analysis Of Terrence Mcnally 's ' A Man Of No Importance '

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A Man of No Importance is a play dedicated to showing that while we are of no importance to society as a whole, we are important to those who are closest to us. One should never keep their true selves from the truth. The book written by Terrence McNally shows the audience a very real struggle of those that are a bit peculiar in today’s society as well as the past. They lyrics by Lynn Ahrens will captivate the listener. No matter which scene you sit in you can relate in some fashion to the struggle of each of these characters. At the end there is only one thing in this world that is everlasting and supportive and that’s love. The setting of this play is what appears to be a 50’s, 60’s era in Dublin, Ireland. Ireland is portrayed as a predominately Orthodox Catholic country. The play will speak in that tone from the very first scene with Alfie talking to a Father of the Church after a recent Oscar Wilde play he directed. This era of time is very strict on what is and what is not accepted in society. The Church has clear control of the mindset of those who attend services regularly. To not attend is highly frowned upon in the community, forcing those in the area to attend just be accepted within the community. This religious control of the church will be a large fundamental point to Alfie’s transformation into his true self.

Alfie starts from the very first scene as his true self in conviction about what he enjoys, the arts. This portrays him as a bit of an…

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