Essay about Analysis Of Tabitha Farrar 's Body Image Of Women

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Tabitha Farrar’s article, “Body Image of Women,” explains how the media has created a thin-ideal body image and the negative effects on women, children, and even men that this ideal creates. The article explains the media’s tactics to present this body image by placing women with unrealistic, unhealthy bodies in role model positions, and how corporations use means such as Photoshop to create a physique that is unobtainable. The media’s underlying messages convey the picture that in order to be beautiful and successful you must be thin. These messages have caused many women, young and old, to lose their self-confidence and for others to develop eating disorders. The author explains how many girls and boys as young as 9 years old feel better about themselves when they are on a diet, exemplifying the media’s influence. Farrar offers both personal and societal remedies to the media’s harsh publicity by asking businesses to use only models who are never Photoshopped and to promote healthy bodies. Farrar also says to individuals who deal with poor body image to look for the good within themselves and find better role models who believe in healthy lifestyles and physiques. “Body Image of Women” would be a strong addition to Gillam’s second edition of Mind, Body, Spirit, because it not only parallels other topics and articles addressed in the book, but it also addresses hot button topics that many individuals today can relate to such as eating disorders. This in turn allows the…

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