Analysis Of Sylvia Plath 's The Bell Jar Essay

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Sylvia Plath lived during one of the most contemporary periods in American history. The second wave of feminism was hitting society and women everywhere were standing up to societal norms. Plath wasted no time using her writing skills to contribute to this movement. She spoke out against misogyny with her poetry and metaphorical writings. Sylvia Plath also used her skills to write about the depression she experienced almost all her life. She survived two suicide attempts before ending her life at the age of thirty. Sylvia Plath was the most influential author of the 20th century because of her feminist poetry, breaking societal norms, and relationships with other poets. Did Sylvia Plath prove that a woman could do anything a man could? Plath may be most known for her only published novel, The Bell Jar. This novel told the story of Esther Greenwood who earned a summer internship at a prominent magazine in New York City under editor Jay Cee. Esther is not particularly excited to live the life many girls her age are excited about. Her experiences frighten her and she quickly falls into a deep depression which caused her eventual suicide. The story covered many controversial topics and is still discussed in many classes to this day. A study called The Feminist Discourse of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar argued that Plath thinks languages can be masculine or feminine. As a woman, Plath wrote in the feminine language. Her book defined a solution to the psychological issues of women,…

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