Analysis Of Sonia Nazario 's Enrique 's Journey Essay example

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There are several things about immigration in the United States that I learned from CORE 102. One of which includes the fact that immigration is a sensitive subject which cannot effectively be solved from one day to the next. Second, involves around the adverse journey that people from Central American have to endure in order to make their way into a great country filled with opportunity. In Sonia Nazario’s “Enrique’s Journey”, Nazario recounts the tragedious journey that Enrique had to undergo. What I was not aware of is, the discrimination Central Americans are subjected to in Mexico. I was also ignorant about the number of children who embark in the journey alone, in search for their parents. According to Sonia Nazario(2014), “an estimated 48,000 children… enter the United States from Central America and Mexico each year” (p. 5). All of what I knew about Central Americans, was the fact that they ride on “the beast” in order to make their way to the US-Mexico border, as well as my own experiences. Something else that I learned is, the history of immigration, and how the United States tried to solve the issue of immigrants. One, such law that I found outrageous was the “Chinese Exclusion Act” which established restriction based on nationality. (Brown, 2013, p. 5) The subject of immigration reform is a complicated thing. First of all, my opinion is obviously going to be biased, because I know and my family knows what it is to start form zero. First, I believe that the…

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