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Smoothie is a healthy and refreshing drink made from fruits and vegetables with additions of other ingredients. Easy to prepare and in a short time you will get a very healthy drink that will fill you with health and energy.

How to prepare smoothie with broccoli

Unfortunately, we can not use the healthiest active ingredient of fresh broccoli - so first boil steamed broccoli 100 g 3-4 minutes (no more). Then chop the broccoli into pieces, chop into pieces an apple, put it in a blender, heal the juice of half a lemon and all good grind. Sweeten with a spoon of honey.

A little more about why it is good to use broccoli

A good source of vitamin C, contains a lot of potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamins K, A, folic acid and dietary fiber.
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Pour milk (you might need more, dependent on bananas) and mix the ingredients content. Pour into glass and serve immediately.
If you are already forced to leave halved avocado for later, drizzle with lemon juice and a little olive oil on the cut side, and so lay on a saucer. Be sure to store it in the refrigerator. The quantity prepared smoothie is best to drink at once, do not leave it for later. Mature avocado will easily recognize by the color of the peel that easily passes from green to brown!

Smoothie with turmeric


- 1 cup coconut milk or almond
- 2 cup frozen pineapple
- 1 ripe banana
- 1 kiwi
- 1 tbs of coconut oil
- 2 tbs turmeric
- 1/2 tbs cinnamon
- 1 teaspoon ginger powder
- 1 tbs chia seeds or flax
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Milk can be,coconut or cow, almond, oatmeal, hazelnut ... Pineapple best is fresh, but can also serve canned. Bananas shall be as mature as it gives the sweetness of this smoothie , considering that no additional sweeteners. Turmeric is soluble in oil, which means that you should combine them with some fat for optimal absorption of nutrients . If you do not have coconut oil, use olive.

The amount of turmeric can also increase and make one whole teaspoon, if you do not mind because of bitter taste. If you do not have chia seeds can add a teaspoon of ground flax.

Smoothie of banana and swiss chard

Ingredients for 1 person

- 2 bananas
- 1 bunch of swiss chard
- 200 ml of pure wather

Wash the swiss chard and put in a blender, add two bananas and water. You can also put a little ginger powder for taste . Mix all ingredients and smoothie is ready. Serve decorated with fresh mint or lemon

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