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Singing in the Rain
What is the general opinion of film critics and moviegoers? Include at least two quotes from what professional reviewers have written about the film.
The general opinion of film critics and moviegoers was overwhelmingly positive for Singing in the Rain. The only downside that was said about the film in the review in the New York Times movie review was that they were not sure how the title of the film really played in, but in the end they decided that the title did not matter because the film itself was the “level of first-class satiric burlesque.” Film critics and moviegoers enjoyed the lighthearted, fun and cheerful musical numbers of Singing in the Rain. Film critic, Roger Ebert, “Singin' in the Rain” is a transcendent
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With the film critic’s reviews that I have read, I can say that after watching the movie, Singing in the Rain, I would have wrote a review very similar to all the other film critics. I loved how throughout the movie the music, acting and dancing kept me engaged while watching the film. I agree with film critic William Thomas when he states that Singing in the Rain is a little gem. This film takes the musical aspect and combines it with a wonderful storyline that really won over audiences all over the …show more content…
The fashion was one of the unique factors I found in the film. To me, it seemed that Singing in the Rain was a film meant to be set in the early 1930’s, so the fashion during this time was the women’s dresses were getting shorter and the men were still dressed nice day to day. The dress code for this film and the era was to dress to impress. The attitudes were bright and sunny, which could be because the economy was going back up, The Great Depression was over, so everyone was beginning to enjoy life a little more. This can be seen all throughout the film with the life-loving attitudes.
In your opinion, does the film “hold up well” in the eyes of today’s audiences?
In today’s audiences, I would say that Singing in the Rain does have a wonderful presence in today’s audiences. The story of Singing in the Rain is a simple romance story between a boy and a girl that contains the essence of life throughout the film. With these characteristics, this is why I feel Singing in the Rain is so well loved by the older and younger generations of today.
What message(s) does the film communicate to the

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